Choosing appliances for your home: A quick decisionmaking guide for laundry and kitchen equipment

Choosing appliances for your home: A quick decisionmaking guide for laundry and kitchen equipment

Not long ago, a housewife or maiden had to do all tough cleaning tasks by hand, and the kitchen often consisted of a fire and a bucket of water. Not anymore! We are surrounded by machines that simplify our lives. When you are on the market for new appliances, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Heres a quick guide to helping you understand what your options are and how to choose the item that works best for you.


Laundry is often the most desirable task in the house, probably because it is never completely ready. Choosing washing machines to suit your needs helps to alleviate that problem. First, think about the capacity you need. Home improvement stores often have a simple chart that adjusts the number of people at home with the recommended capacity, but as an apparent rule of thumb, larger families need larger machines. Once you know what size youre looking for, turn your eyes into energy use. Each tray should have an Energy Star rating that shows how much energy they use per load, and how the use is, among other things, similar machines. This is important information for you because you want to consider the cost of using it as well as the cost of buying it. Dryers do not get Energy Star ratings, but often still have energy usage comparisons. In addition to this, there are many options to consider, from the outside of the outside of the enclosure to the storage areas.


If there is a chore competing with laundry for Most Disliked, it must wash. Electric dishwashers have been around for decades, but are not always included in kitchens, and many still choose not to have them. If you want to be free from scrubbing, check your options. Dishwashers are about the same size, although you may invest in a professional size if you choose, and they all work pretty much the same way. The first factor to consider is your Energy Star rating that the machine gets, so you can choose one that saves energy and money. The other options you get are to a large extent cosmetic, such as the outer casing or the configuration of the shelf inside.


The refrigerator is often in the middle of the kitchen, whether it is elegant and stylish or covered with childrens artwork. There are several different types on the market, with single doors, sidebyside doors, French doors, extra boards, freezers and extra ice machines it can be overwhelming. Think about those youve had and what your friends have and how they serve your needs. Take a walk in the device department and spend time with them to decide which layout suits you best. After that, take a look at the Energy Star values. The fridge is running 24 hours a day so you definitely want one that is effective when doing the job. Once you have chosen a model, you probably have a choice for the outer shell. Do you want classic white, stainless steel or maybe retro avocado?

Oven and range

The oven and cooking area is part of the kitchen which is usually not considered if it is not broken. However, when it is, it may be the best time to upgrade. Did you know that you can buy the oven and the assortment separately? Homeowners often choose to locate the range on their kitchen island, where it can be central to the cooking process, while the oven is put on the side, inside a wall and raised to the eye for easier baking. If its not for you, traditional combined stoves are still popular. These devices do not receive energy ratings, but the seller should be provided with information to help you choose one that suits your needs.

Small kitchen appliances

In addition to the large appliances, we often fill the kitchen with a number of small appliances to make our cooking tasks easier. The microwave, once big and expensive, is now small, cheap and almost everywhere because of its ability to simplify cooking tasks. These are available from many manufacturers in your local mass market, and it is as easy to choose a comparison with some specifications of each model and choose one that suits your budget and your needs. Mixers and toasters are good examples of things where your personal preferences are the most important issues. If you have a smoothie every morning, or if your children are very picky about their bowl, you may want to invest in the high end models. On the other hand, if you do not need someone who will go for decades, you can choose a model with less durability and a lower price tag. Long kitchen appliances, waffle iron and electric pots are another category of small kitchen appliances that are even easier to choose from. In general, there are not many differences between these items, so you are free to choose one based on nothing but appearance and price.

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