Slow cook for fast food? It musthave kitchen appliances that promise a meal on arrival!

Slow cook for fast food? It musthave kitchen appliances that promise a meal on arrival!

There is something so comforting when you enter a home filled with smells of cooking. It reminds us of childhood when we get home from school to mothers kitchen. And after a business day, issues, appointments, workouts and car pools, is it not so nice to return to a home full of these memorable tasteful smells and a warm homemade meal already made for you and your family in a slow cooker? Now its really fast food.

Its almost like you did not do the job yourself! Its as though you had an employee cook working all day for you. All you did to earn this quick meal was put into action in the morning when you combined meat or chicken with some vegetables in a slow cooker. The satisfying natural ingredients were cooked slowly all day until the meat was melted in the mouth. You can take an instant or hold everything warm until everyone has gathered and youre ready to sit down for dinner, a stress free family dinner at home.

Another big advantage of the slow cooker is that it provides a healthier, less expensive meal than you would if you had stopped at the supermarkets deli department or your favorite fastfood restaurant for pickup. It also saves money by transforming the cheaper, tougher meat piece that you bought to suit your recession budget. The slow cooker has the ability to turn it into savoir faire! Its a great way to say know how and this knows how is about going from tough to tender!

There are some smaller pots and pans to clean up too. This is one of my favorite benefits! Likewise, the remains are perfect for next days lunch or another meal later in the week. These are benefits that are not lost on pans and bottles that also drive the house, and are likely to clamp in another laundry room and help with homework, all before the bed.

Good Housekeeping was tested recently and has given its famous approval stamp to a product among one of my favorite brands of slow cookware. Its Crock Pot brand SmartSet Slow Cooker SCVC600S, a $ 100 item. By the way, Crock Pot is a brand. Since the Rival Company developed the product in the early 1970s, it has become synonymous with the generic term kettle. Crock Pot is now manufactured by Sunbeam, a trusted brand and it makes a great range of these products, big and small.

The Good Housekeeping magazine and its research institutes are so careful in their investigations, not only tested those recipes with the SmartSet Crock pot, but they assessed the temperatures achieved and maintained within two hours of settings and confirmed that the surfaces did not burn to touch. They also checked all meters, controls, switches and timers for their reliability, and even checked their purity.

SmartSet is a sixquart model, which is the most popular size of slow cooker. It contains a temperature probe that automatically cooks meat until it reaches the correct internal temperature and then switches to a simmer setting. This means foolproof cooking. You do not need a recipe to know when you want to preset the temperature switch to swim. This is important when you want to cook a delicious braised pork fillet without a prescription and do not know how long you should keep pork in the cooking mode without this practical tool.

Take my suggestion to buy you a slow cooker, or use Good Housekeepings proven advice and buy yourself Crock Pot SmartSet. With this model or any other slow cooker, you know that you were the smart man who is committed to eating healthy and giving you the best fast food on your home trip. Pamper yourself with the slow cooker who works hard all day in your kitchen while working or playing.

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